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Sarajevo defeated GOŠK in Gabela, Ahmetović and Velkoski scored goals

05.09.2017 at 19:57h

Sarajevo defeated GOŠK in Gabela, Ahmetović and Velkoski scored goals

Footballers of Sarajevo achieved victory in today's friendly game against GOŠK in Gabela. The match ended with a score of 2: 1, and goals for the Maroon Club were scored by Krste Velkoski and Mersudin Ahmetović.

Sarajevo opened the meeting quite offensive, and through Novaković and Lelić  had the first two chances at the meeting. However, the local footballers come to the first goal on the match. Radeljić managed to beat Pavlović in the seventh minute. The locals had two more chances after that, but there was no change in the results. In the fifteenth minute, the good combination of Ahmetović and Hodžić did not bring new result, because the player of the Maroon team did not use the turning point of Sarajevo in the best way. Two minutes later, the transfer of Hodžić ends with a shot by Lelić through the goal. In eighteenth minute, Lelić had a chance again after Velkoski's corner, but this time, he kicks past the left goal side of goalkeeper Kozić.

Velkoski scored to leveling the score after 20 minutes. Sarić took the ball in the middle of the court, overcome Hebibović, who assisted to Velkoski, and it was not difficult for him to hit the net. A Macedonian striker only had a chance to score another minute later, but the goalkeeper of the goalkeeper put the ball into the field. In 25 minutes a complete result reversal. Lelic assisted for Ahmetović who find a way around Kozić and scored from the top of the penalty area. Velkoski had a new opportunity to score in the 36th minute but Kozić even better intervened.

Immediately on the other side, Bošnjak tried to free kick, but his shot was over the goal. Ahmetović was able to score his second goal, but after the action of Lelić and Hebibović, he missed the ball, and this opportunity went unchecked. Ramić took advantage of one inadequate defense of the Maroon team, but his shot was brilliantly defended by goalkeeper Pavlović. It was also the last chance in the first half, which ended with lead of the Maroon team with 2: 1.

The second half began with the changes in the Maroon team, so Adilović, Sadiku, Smajlagić, Pidro, Mujakić, Radovac, Husejinović, Rahmanović, Stanojević and Hadžić found their place on the field. Footballers from Gabela had the first chance in the second half. After 56 minute, a free kick aimed, but the shot went right into the keeper's arms. Sarajevo had opportunities through Smajlagić, Rahmanović, and Huseinović to increase the advantage, but there was no change in the results. Hadzćc had the best chance after Huseinovic's assist, but the home-keeper caught his shot. In the end, it was a completely deserved victory of Sarajevo in a friendly match. Sarajevo will meet the Vitez team in the next round of Premier league.

NK GOŠK 1:2 FK Sarajevo

The stadium in Gabela, chief referee: Goran Paradžik (Ljubuški), shooters: Ahmetović, Velkoski (FK Sarajevo).

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović (46. minute Adilović), Hodžić (54. minute Sadiku), Ivetić, Novaković (54. minute Mujakić), Bekić (54. minute Pidro), Herić (54. minute Radovac), Sarić (54. minute Rahmanović), Hebibović (54. minute Smajlagić), Velkoski (54. minute Stanojević), Lelić (54. minute Husejinović), Ahmetović (54. minute Hadžić).