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Sarajevo defeated Olimpic, Hadžić scored for victory

15.07.2017 at 22:50h

Sarajevo defeated Olimpic, Hadžić scored for victory

Yesterday footballers of Sarajevo have overcome Olympic at the last friendly match before the autumn part of the BH Telecom Premier League of B&H 2017/18 starts. The victorious goal at today's match was scored by the talented Nedim Hadžić, with assistance of Krste Velkoski.

The match, which took place at the Maroon Club Training Center, is better opened by our footballers. Sarić kicked the shot from the free kick, and before that, the high-quality Olimpic players had fruitlessly stopped Rahmanović after a good breakthrough. Shortly after that, Radovac also tested his shot. The 17th minute was played when Pavlović caught the ball after the Mahović shot. Radovac was again in the chances ten minutes later, and Bandović caught Rahmanović’s excellent shot at the end of the first half. In the second half Sarajevo's training staff made several changes and our players also had a field initiative in the continuation.

n the middle of the second part, Sarić had great shot from the distance, and the only goal was scored in the 70th minute. Sarić had a good connection with Velkoski, who returns the ball to Hadžić, who, with the help Jusić, sends the ball behind Bandović's back. After that, Hadžić was again in a very good position, and his shot after Hodžić’s shot, went almost next to his left posture. By the end of the match, Sarajevo tried to change the result with help of Lelić, but there was no change.

In the first round of the new Premier League season, Sarajevo will meet the team of Zrinjski at the Olympic stadium "Asim Ferhatović-Hase". The game will be played for the upcoming weekend.

FK Sarajevo 1: 0 FK Olimpic

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović (from 54 min. Adilović), Kadušić (from 46 min. Hodžić), Novaković, Ivetić (67 min. Mujakić), Bekić (from 64 min. Pidro), Sarić, Radovac (from 54 min. Herić), Rahmanović (from 69 min. Hadžić), Kuzmanović (46 min. Velkoski), Hebibović (61 min. Liivak), Anđušić (from 54 min. Lelić). Coach: Mehmed Janjoš.

FK Olimpic: Bandović, Rastoder, Jusić, Sadiković, Stojanović, Zeba, Šćepanović, Jusufbašić, Mahović, Malešić, Kovač. Coach: Mirza Varešanović.