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Sarajevo defeated on Grbavica

27.11.2017 at 16:02h

Sarajevo defeated on Grbavica

Football players of Sarajevo were defeated on Grbavica. Today's derby finished with a result of 2: 1 in favor of the hosts, the team of Željezničar, and goal for Sarajevo was scored by Amar Rahmanović.

At the beginning of the match Sarajevo could lead. Hebibović put in a great shot, and Velkoski was at the crucial moment unsettled. A minute later, the chance for the home side, Zec scored on the left, and Ubiparip shook badly with head. In the seventh minute, Sarajevo was looking for a penalty kick for the start on Hebibović, but Peljto pointed to the corner. Two minutes later, Blagojevćc shot at twenty meters, but Pavlović defended it. Željezničar had a great chance at 13. minute. Ubiparip, after the mistake of Velkoski, came out to Pavlović, bypassed him, but our goalkeeper defended himself well.

Ahmetović threatened in the 17.minute, but his attempt Kjosevski defend to bring the Željezničar six minutes later into lead. Ubiparip passed the ball to Zakarić, who hit Pavlović's net for Željezničar’s leadership. Hebibović then made a great strike and Velkoski struck a great shot from goal.

After 29. minute, Zec came close to leveling the score, but Pavlović made no mistake. Four minutes later a good attempt by Hebibović was defended by Kjosevski, and then Velkoski threatened with 18 meters to the goalkeeper of  Željezničar, but his attempt went past the left side.

At the opening of the second part happened a chance for hosts. Ubiparip came out on the right side to Pavlović who defended his shot and dropped the ball into the corner after which there was no danger. In 63. minute Zakarić took the free-kick, the ball came to Zec who was shooting, and Stanojević threw the ball into the corner.

Ten minutes later, Zakarić pass the ball to Ramović, who beat Pavlović with a shot. Sarajevo reduced the advantage of Željezničara in the 85. minute of the match. Herić threw the ball from the corner and the ball came to Rahmanović, who placed it behind the back of Kjosevski. Heric shook with head in the 90. minute, which was the last excitement on Grbavica.

In the next round Sarajevo will host Borac on Koševo.

FK Željezničar 2:1 FK Sarajevo

Stadium "Grbavica", spectators: 4.000, coach: Irfan Peljto (Sarajevo), yellow cards: Stevanović (Željezničar), Stanojević, Sarić (FK Sarajevo), scorers: Zakarić 23', Ramović 76' (Željezničar), Rahmanović 85' (FK Sarajevo).

FK Željezničar: Kjosevski, Stanić, Stevanović, Bogičević, Graovac, Hajdarević, Blagojević, Ramović ( 81. minute Elsner), Zec, Zakarić (79. min. Žerić) and Ubiparip (86. min. Kajkut). Coach: Admir Adžem.

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hodžić, Bekić, Novaković, Mihojević, Adukor (46. min. Husejinović), Sarić, Stanojević, Velkoski (62. min. Rahmanović), Hebibović (81. min. Herić) and  Ahmetović. Coach: Husref Musemić.