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Sarajevo defeated Sloboda at Koševo, Amer Bekić is the scorer of the winning goal

01.11.2015 at 15:46h

Sarajevo defeated Sloboda at Koševo, Amer Bekić is the scorer of the winning goal

Sarajevo defeated Sloboda in the Derby match of the BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In front of 5000 spectators on the grandstands of Koševo stadium, our Club celebrated a minimal victory with a 1:0 result, and the winning goal in the match was scored by Amer Bekić.

The players of the Maroon Club were better in the opening. Duljević was in advance in the first minute, but the guests’ defense kicked out his ball into the corner. In the 5th minute on the other side, Zeba attempted his shot from the distance, but the goal of Plakalo was safe. The ball went a few meters beside the left goal post of Sarajevo.
Velkoski had a good opportunity for Sarajevo. In the 12th minute of the match, he made a shot from the distance beside the goal of Sloboda. Shortly after, the Macedonian national team player passed on the left and sent a low shot to Amer Bekić, but our striker didn’t manage to send the ball towards the guests’ goal. Our club missed another good chance in the 25th minute, when Berberović passed the ball to Amer Bekić who went alone in front of Pirić and made a shot, but it went beside the right goalpost.

Sarajevo continued its attacks, Almir Bekić also tried his shot and made a diagonal shot from the left side, which missed the goal. In the 39th minute, Velkoski made a centre shot and Kovačević made a head shot, however the ball goes out of the goal.  The football players of Sloboda had a good chance in the 44th minute when Ahmetović made a head shot which went beside the goal of Plakalo.

Our team opened the second half better. Duljević kicked the ball into the penalty area, and Amer Bekić made a shot over the goal from a good position. In the 67th minute, after the corner shot from the right side, Okić made a head shot beside the goalpost. Only a minute later, after kicking the ball from the top of the penalty area, Velkoski kicked the ball over the goal of Sloboda.

In the 75th minute of the match, our Club’s Coaching Staff made a second substitution. Instead of Velkoski, the chance was given to Adnan Osmanović, a forward junior of the FK Sarajevo Academy, who made his debut. Only a few weeks ago, he signed his contract with the Maroon Club.

Sarajevo took the deserved lead in the 79th minute of the match. Almir Bekić made a center shot from the left side, and Amer Bekić scored into the net of Pirić causing great celebration of our players and supporters on the grandstands of Koševo stadium.

There were no other chances for both sides until the end of the match except for the attempt of Krpić near the end of the match, so that our players made a deserved victory. In the next Matchday, the Maroon Club will be the guests of Olimpic.

FK Sarajevo 1:0 FK Sloboda 

 “Asim Ferhatović-Hase” Olympic Stadium, spectators: 5.000, referee: Ognjen Valjić, yellow card: Almir Bekić, Rustemović, Duljević, Okić, Berberović (Sarajevo), Efendić, Ahmetović (Sloboda), scorer: Amer Bekić in the 79th minute.

FK Sarajevo: Plakalo, Kadušić (from the 85th minute Kallasi), Almir Bekić, Barbarić, Berberović, Rustemović, Duljević, Hebibović (from the 64th minute Okić), Amer Bekić, Velkoski (from the 75th minute Osmanović).

FK Sloboda: Pirić, Efendić, Mehmedagić, Kostić, Ivetić, Sarić (from the 85th minute Krpić), Stjepanović (from the 65th minute Kiso), Ordagić, Zeba, Veselinović (from the 64th minute Govedarica), Ahmetović.