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Sarajevo defeated Travnik by fight until the last whistle blow

19.04.2014 at 19:22h

Sarajevo defeated Travnik by fight until the last whistle blow

The football players of Sarajevo achieved a well deserved victory in the match of BH Telecom Premier League Match day 27 in Travnik by defeating the home team with a 3:2 result.

The players of Travnik had a first chance in the 8th minute when, after the corner kick of Dudić, Helvida performed a headshot just out the goal of Bandović. Sarajevo retorted in the following attack through Stojčev, who made an excellent kick but Nurković saved the goal of the Travnik team. In the 17th minute, Jajalo made a good free kick from 20 meters of distance but Nurković saved his goal.

Travnik took the lead in the 23rd minute. Puzigaća didn’t react in the best manner in our penalty area, Dudić stole the ball and passed it to Varupa who scored. It is important to say that the goal was obviously made from the offside position. However, the referees did not speak out.

In the last minutes of the first half, Puzigaća hit the goalpost from close proximity and Bilbija reacted weakly to the rejected ball.

The second half started bad for our team. In the 50th minute, Dupovac knocked down Dudić and the main referee showed him a red card and the way to dressing room. After this, Dudić made an attempt, a free kick, but Bandović was safe.

It seems that a red card for Dupovac was an additional motive for our players who showed enormous combativeness until the end of the game. The result was levelled in the 60th minute. Stojčev nicely passed on the left side and made an excellent pass to Velkoski who moved magnificently in the penalty area and by routine scored his fifth goal of the championship.

In the 70th minute of the match, another disputable moment happened when Bilbija was dragged for his jersey in the penalty area of Travnik, but Stankić did not point to the white spot.

Later in the game, the players of Sarajevo were better, showing what they are expected: a great desire and combativeness wearing the maroon jersey. Our team took the lead in the 77th minute. With the help of a crossbar, Nurković stopped the ball of Puzigaća and Stojčev reacted brilliantly to the rejected ball sending it into the net of Travnik goalkeeper by a low kick for the total result reversal.

During the last 30 minutes of the match, by another goal in the 81st minute, Bilbija once more confirmed the fantastic game of Sarajevo. Jajalo made a corner kick from the left side and Bilbija made a nice kick and hit the net of Nurković.

In the 84th minute, for the second time Bandović defended his net from the ball. Dudić made a centre shot and Sadiković punished the bad reaction of our defence players. There were no other changes in result until the end of the match.

"During the halftime break, we agreed to play more offensively and to retain the calmness which we didn’t have in the first part. I think it is a great thing to make three goals with only ten players” said Dženan Uščuplić, the coach of the Sarajevo Football Club after the end of the match.

Travnik FC 2:3 Sarajevo FC

Stadium: Pirota. Viewers: 2000. Referee: Predrag Stankić (Bijeljina). Scorers: Varupa, Sadiković (Travnik), Velkoski, Stojčev, Bilbija (Sarajevo). Yellow cards: Terzić, Karić, Ćurić (Travnik), Purić, Bilbija, Puzigaća (Sarajevo). Red cards: Dupovac (Sarajevo).

Travnik FC: Nurković, Terzić, Karić, Ribić, Ćurić, Dudić, Varupa N., Helvida, Hasečić, Sadiković, Zelenbaba (from 68th minute Nunes).

Sarajevo FC: Bandović, Stojčev, Jajalo, Velkoski (from 83rd minute Vusljanin), Tatomirović, Purić (from 56th minute Barić), Trivunović, Dupovac, Cimirot, Puzigaća, Bilbija (from 89th minute Kovačević).