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Sarajevo drew with Borac, Mihojević scored for the Maroon club

27.08.2017 at 21:58h

Sarajevo drew with Borac, Mihojević scored for the Maroon club

In the last match of the sixth round of the BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina, football players of Sarajevo played a draw in Banja Luka. The match against local Borac finished with a score of 1: 1, and the goal for the Maroon Club was scored by Marko Mihojević.

The first half of the match did not bring many opportunities on both sides. The opening minutes belonged to Borac. Veselinović kicked the ball across Sarajevo’s goal in the sixth minute, and then the Maroon Club took over the field initiative. Sarajevo threatened to Borac's goal through Hodžić and Bekić. However, both strikes went next to the goal. At the opening of the second part, Janičić reacted well in the Borac’s penalty area after Hodžić’s throwing in and shortly thereafter, Sarajevo came to the lead.

Sarić scored well from the corner in the 51th minute, and Mihojević jumped well and scored for the leadership of Sarajevo. It was Mihojevic's first goal in the new Premier League season. On the other hand, ten minutes after Pavlović defends Burazora's shot from the distance, and in 74th minute Borac manage to equalize. Veselinović found Karić, who escapes our players and from the left side he scored a goal for 1: 1. Three minutes later, Ahmetović had a head-shot from a difficult position. By the end of the match, there were many interruptions due to the rough game of both teams, and the only one who had a chance was Hebibović, whose kick in the referee's compensation blocked Borac's player.

A representative break in the next two weeks is scheduled, after which Sarajevo will play against Vitez. The seventh round game will be played on September 9th.

FK Borac 1: 1 FK Sarajevo

City stadium in Banja Luka, spectators: 5,000, referee: Goran Paradžik, yellow cards: Veselinović, Puzigića, Kunić, Janičić (FK Borac), Hodžić, Mihojević, Stanojević, Rahmanović, Bekić, Ahmetović (FK Sarajevo), scorers: Karić (FK Borac), Mihojević (FK Sarajevo).

FK Borac: Avdukić, Puzigaća, Dujaković, Janičić, Raspudić, Radulović (from 68. minute Kunić), Danilović (from 89. minute Guberac), Veselinović, Mirković (from 61. minute Burazor), Galešić and Karić.

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hodžić, Bekić, Mihojević, Novaković, Stanojević, Rahmanović, Herić (from 72. minute Hebibović), Sarić, Kuzmanović (from 81. minute Velkoski) and Ahmetović (from 90. minute Mujakić).