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Sarajevo FC 1-0 against FC Dila Gori

13.02.2014 at 22:15h

Sarajevo FC 1-0 against FC Dila Gori


The fourth preparatory match in Antalya brought a victory for Sarajevo FC. This time Robert Jarni’s team beat FC Dila Gori from Georgia. The final result of the match was 1:0 and the victorious goal scorer was Krste Velkoski in the 26th minute.

The game began with the following players: Bandović, Barić, Tatomirović, Dupovac, Puzigaća, Cimirot, Jajalo, Purić, Vusljanin, Stojčev, Velkoski.

Our team dominated during the first half. In the tenth minute, Stojčev attempted to score a goal, but he was not accurate. Five minutes later, he tried it once again, but the ball did not enter the goal. Jajalo attempted the same, but the crossbar was the best ally of FC Dila Gori’s goalkeeper.

In the 26th minute, the initiative maintained by our players paid off and Velkoski managed to score a goal, his third in total, in the seventh preparation game. Our left back Bojan Puzigaća demonstrated a masterful assistance. By the end of the first half, Georgians threatened our goal, but, thanks to his well-performed interventions, Bandović managed to defend our net.

Our coaching staff introduced ​​a few changes. Todorović, Travančić, Delač, Trivunović, Tadejević and Osmanagić entered the game while Purić, Vusljanin, Cimirot, Tatomirović, Bandović and Puzigaća left it.

The situation on the ground did not change much. Our players had better ball possession and we created chances. Barić and Travančić came closest to scoring a goal, together with Aganspahić later, but they were not accurate and it did not affect the final score. On the other hand, FC Dila Gori players also threatened our goal, but Delač was up to the task.

It is worth mentioning that Muharemović, Kovačević, Jevtić, Radovac and Aganspahić also entered the game before the end of the match, while Nemanja Bilbija who is still recovering from injury did not play.