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Sarajevo FC 1: 2 FC Mariupol | Maroon club defeated by a club from Ukraine, Velkoski scored a goal

04.02.2018 at 17:21h

 Sarajevo FC 1: 2 FC Mariupol | Maroon club defeated by a club from Ukraine, Velkoski scored a goal

Footballers of Sarajevo today played a new friendly game on preparations in Turkey. Firs-team players of our club played against Ukrainian premier league team, FC Mariupol, and the match ended with a score of 2: 1 in favor of our current opponents.

The first half brought a couple of opportunities to both teams, however our players, who played today in white jerseys, created significantly more chances. Sarajevo threatened through Hebibović and then Halilović tried his shot, but there was no change. On the other hand, the striker of Mariupol shot near the goal, but that shot was too weak to endanger Pavlović's goal. In the finals of the first part, Sarajevo twice again threatened on both occasions through Hebibović, who was shooting from good positions through the goal.

Immediately at the beginning of the second part of the match, Sarajevo took the lead. Velkoski stole a ball, tricked the goalkeeper, and scored a goal for the Maroon Club. However, the leadership of Sarajevo lasted for about ten minutes. After the two related errors of our last line, Mariupol comes to a leveling. Only minute later, Rahmanović could lead our club to lead, but his shot from the distance goes over goal. It was played 63. minute when Sarajevo played a nice action, but the defense of the Ukrainian team eliminated the danger to Rahmanović, who was in a very good position. On the other hand, Mujakić intervened well after the kick of the Mariupol player, and the defense of the club, who played today in blue jerseys, stopped the breakthrough of Velkoski at the last minute.

A new change to the score was in 71. minute. A team from Ukraine performed a free kick, after which their captain had a nice shot and scored a goal for the leadership of his team. Already in the next attack, the shot of Herić from the distance was blocked. Mariupol had another free-kick, but there was no change in the results. Šabanović tried with a shot from the distance, but the goalkeeper defended. Shortly thereafter, Kuzmanović's shot was blocked. Mustafić had an opportunity in the 84. minute, but the ball goes past the goal. In the last minutes of the match, Mustafić tried again, but there was no change in the results.

The last match in the preparations in Antalya will be played on Thursday, February 8, when our club will play a friendly match against Budućnost from Podgorica.