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Sarajevo FC 2: 0 Budućnost FC | Ahmetović and Rahmanović scored for victory

08.02.2018 at 19:32h

Sarajevo FC 2: 0 Budućnost FC | Ahmetović and Rahmanović scored for victory

Sarajevo football players finished preparations in Antalya in the best way. Our players played a great match, and they beat Budućnost from Podgorica with 2: 0. The goals were scored by Mersudin Ahmetović and Amar Rahmanović.

However, the club from Podgorica had the first chance at the match. The first shot of the soccer player in the blue and white equipment goes bear the goal. After this opportunity, Sarajevo assumed an absolute field initiative. After several occasions, the score changed in 13. minute. Hebibović spotted Ahmetović with a precision center, which guides to lead our club. By the end of the first part of Sarajevo, several other excellent opportunities had been created, through Rahmanović, Sarić, and Hebibović, but the net was still.

The second half started again with a chance for Budućnost, but Pavlović was safe. Then Sarajevo again takes the game to reach in the 59. minute second goal. Amar Rahmanović had a great opportunity to score the 2 - 0 goal after Krste Velkoski put the ball in the game. Rahmanović had two more chances, Sarić, and Radovac, but there was no change. Sarajevo's preparations in the end ended with a good game and a new win. Let us also add that Herić, Hodžić, Halilović and Bekić missed the match today due to minor injuries.

FK Sarajevo 2:0 FK Budućnost

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović (65. Kovačević), Hebibović, Šabanović, Šofranac, Adukor (54. Mujakić), Sarić (70. Radovac), Stanojević (46. Crepulja), Rahmanović (62. Mustafić), Kuzmanović, Velkoski (70. Lelić) i Ahmetović (70. Husejinović).