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23.03.2014 at 21:15h


The football players of Sarajevo defeated Velež from Mostar in the last match of BH Telecom Premier League of BiH Matchday 23 by goals of Stojčev and Velkoski with the result 2:1. With the second victory in a row our Club became equal in points with the first ranked team, Široki Brijeg.

The guests had the first chance during the match in the 9th minute when Hajdarović attempted from the left side but Delač was there as usual. The maroon team took the lead from the first real chance. In the 17th minute Barić made a good centre shot and found Velkoski who managed well and scored against Velež.

In the 25th minute, after a great cross from Jajalo, Stojčev hesitated too much in adjusting the schot to his left foot so a good chance for our team was lost. In the 32nd minute the guests’ defence made a mistake but Oštraković picked up the ball in front of Velkoski in the very last moment.

The 36th minute, after the corner, was marked by hustle in the Sarajevo’s penalty area but Zvonić did not manage well and his shot went beside the goal. There was no more excitement until the end of the first part of the match.

The first attack in the second half equalled the result. Hebibović took one ball, kicked it by the left foot and hit the upper right corner of Delač’s goal.

In the 48th minute, after a deep ball, Todorović received and passed the ball over Oštraković but the defence of Velež intervened. In the 53rd minute the shot from Vusljanin was blocked by the defence players of Velež. In the 61st minute, Stojčev had a strong shot but the ball went beside the goal.

A bit later, in the 75th minute, the goal of Miloš Stojčev was followed by celebrations at stands. The midfielder of Sarajevo receives the ball at the top of penalty area, shoots and scores for the lead. There were no other changes of result until the end of the match.

After the end of the match a press conference was held where Robert Jarni, the Manager of Sarajevo FC said:

"I would like to thank to all of the supporters. If they were not here today it would have been difficult to achieve this. We knew Velež has great players. However, we managed to seal the win at the end but like we didn’t cry or regret after the defeat we also won’t celebrate too much after this victory. We still have far to go until the end. We still have much to show. I sincerely hope we will be the first to reach the finish.”

Sarajevo FC 2:1 Velež FC

The “Asim Ferhatović-Hase” stadium. referee: Dragan Skakić. Scorers: 1:0 Velkoski (17 min.), 1:1 Hebibović (46 min.), 2:1 Stojčev (75 min.).

Sarajevo FC: Delač, Barić, Stojčev, Jajalo, Velkoski, Todorović (from 66 min. Bilbija), Trivunović, Vusljanin (from 76 min. Travančić), Tadejević, Dupovac, Radovac (from 70 min. Cimirot).

Velež FC: Oštraković, Zvonić, Kodro, Kazazić, Zolj, Hajdarović, Okić (from 82 min. Blagojević), Ćemalović (from 67 min. Rašević), Hebibović (from 77 min. Janičijević), Pejić, Maletić.