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SARAJEVO FC 3:0 Zvijezda FC

11.04.2014 at 22:43h

SARAJEVO FC 3:0 Zvijezda FC


In the first match of the Matchday 26 of the BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Sarajevo Football Club defeated Zvijezda from Gradačac with a 3:0 result, with goals from Velkoski, Purić and Bilbija.

Right from the beginning, our team dictated the rhythm. The first shot at the goal was by Purić, when he shot from 20 metre distance, which, however, was successfully defended by Zvijezdaʼs goalkeeper. The former player of Sarajevo, Secouba Diatta, missed the goal in the 33rd minute.

The last minutes of the first halftime, however, result in goals in the net of the visiting team. Jajalo threw the ball in from the right side, while Velkoski performed a ground-level shot and thus scored the leading goal which took Sarajevo into the lead. The Macedonian international player almost scored another goal, but his attempt failed since the ball went over the goal.

In the second half of the match, there was a total domination of the players in maroon jersey. Trivunović performed a headshot, but the defence players of the visiting team managed to protect their goal. 54 minutes into the match, Bilbija shot over the goal, while five minutes later Purićʼs shot was blocked.

In the 63rd minute, the spectators saw the second goal of the match. Velkoski engaged Purić, who, with a ground-level diagonal shot from the right side scored his first goal in the maroon jersey. Several minutes later, after fantastic playing action, Purić engaged Bilbija, who shot, however goalkeeper Brkić managed to defend his goal with strenuous efforts.

In the 75th minute, Akiyoshi tried to score, and three minutes Zuhrić also tried to score. Both times, Delač was sure. In the stoppage time that was decided by the referee, there was a last change in the result. Puzigaća centred fantastically, while Bilbija managed to score a goal by a headshot.

After the match finished, the coach of our club, Dženan Uščuplić, gave the following statement: "Surely, I am beyond happy because of this victory. It is very important that, after four matches, we finally managed to score goals. I would like to congratulate my players for this victory and as well the players of Zvijezda and wish them the best of luck for the remaining competition."

Sarajevo FC 3:0 Zvijezda FC

Scorers: Velkoski, Purić, Bilbija

Sarajevo FC: Delač, Dupovac, Puzigaća, Trivunović, Jajalo (from 81st minute Osmanagić), Tatomirović, Purić (from 88th minute Handžić), Cimirot, Stojčev (from 75th minute Travančić), Velkoski, Bilbija.