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Sarajevo FC 3:2 Radnik FC

10.05.2014 at 22:01h

Sarajevo FC 3:2 Radnik FC

In the last Matchday of the 2013/14 season, in the home match, the football players of Sarajevo won against the team of Radnik from Bijeljina with the result 3:2. The scorers for the victory of the maroon Club were Bojan Puzigaća, Krste Velkoski and Irfan Vusljanin.

Sarajevo started offensively and took the lead already in the sixth minute. After Todorović was tackled in the penalty area, Puzigaća scored for the lead of our Club.

Three minutes later, Obradović levelled the result. The striker of Radnik outmanoeuvred young Emir Plakalo, the newcomer on the goal of Sarajevo and scored a goal. Although Obradović was in the offside at the moment when he took the ball, none of the three referees reacted.

Few minutes later, Velkoski brought Sarajevo into the lead again. Our superb striker made an excellent move, and freed himself from his keeper and sent the ball behind the back of Zdravković.

In the 32nd minute Barić made a centre shot, Velkoski made a good head shot but Zdravković saved his goal. Radnik levelled the score in the 39th minute. Plakalo didn’t react in the best manner and after a shot from the distance; the ball went to Obradović, who scored a goal.

The last excitement in the first part was in the 41st minute when Barić entered the penalty area but made a bad shot  from a good position.

Sarajevo took the lead again in the 57th minute of the match. Velkoski passed the ball to Vusljanin, who sent the ball in the goal of Radnik. Five minutes after this goal, Stojčev made a centre shot and Puzigaća hit the ball with his head, but the ball went over the goal. 

In the 69th minute, after a shot made by of Velkoski, Kovačević sent a rejected ball beside the goal. There were no other significant excitements until the end of the match, so Sarajevo celebrated a new victory.

Sarajevo FC 3:2 Radnik FC

Scorers: Puzigaća, Velkoski, Vusljanin,Obradović (2). Stadium "Asim Ferhatović-Hase". Refreree: Elvis Mujić. Yellow card: Kojić, Ostojić, Mašić, Mojović.

SARAJEVO FC: Plakalo, Barić, Kovačević, Stojčev (from 81st minute Handžić), Velkoski, Todorović (from 59th minute Bilbija), Tatomirović, Vusljanin (from 59th minute Purić), Cimirot, Dupovac, Puzigaća.

RADNIK FC: Zdravković, Maletić, Kojić (from 33rd minute Krsmanović), Katanec, Antić, Hasanović, Ćosović (from 57th minute Mojović), Obradović, Lazić (from 72nd minute Vučić), Ostojić, Mašić.