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Sarajevo FC’s convincing win against NK Brotnjo

22.01.2014 at 18:00h

Sarajevo FC’s convincing win against NK Brotnjo

Sarajevo FC played a friendly game against the local team NK Brotnjo in Čitluk and won 4-0. Robert Jarni’s players were on the offensive against NK Brotnjo’s goal from the first minute and no later than the 7th minute of the match Anid Travančić’s excellent kick from more than 20 meters scored the goal for his team. This was followed by two great opportunities for Todorović and Velkovski.   

The new Sarajevo FC player, Krste Velkovski, needed only half an hour to score his first goal in the bordeaux jersey. The Macedonian footballer’s masterful free kick brought the score to 2-0 for Sarajevo FC. By halftime, this score did not change. Jarni then introduced ​​a few replacements. Apart from the goalkeeper Plakalo, who joined the game before the end of the first half, after halftime the game proceeded with the addition of Čulov, Dupovac, Kovačević, Tadejević, Handžić, Bilbija i Vusljanin. Plakao played until the 60th minute, when he was replaced by Abdihodžić.

Sarajevo FC resumed its attacks in the second half, but with no serious opportunity. Nemanja Bilbija proved to be the most serious threat in the 53rd and 57th minute, but his kicks went by and above the goal. In the 69th minute, however, the bordeaux team managed to score its third goal. After a superb corner kick by Handžić, our national junior football team player Adnan Kovačević mastered the penalty area and scored 3-0 with a header.  Two minutes later, it was 4-0. After two missed opportunities, Nemanja Bilbija scored a penalty goal for 4-0.

He had another excellent opportunity to score for the second time in this match, but, five minutes before the end of the match, his header was imprecise. Great opportunity presented itself to the reserve team player Aganspahić in the last minute of the game, but the kick went past the goal.

Sarajevo FC entered the match with the following players: Bandović, Barić, Puzigaća, Muharemović, Trivunović, Radovac, Bišanović, Todorović, Stojčev, Travančić and Velkoski. Purić, Cimirot and Jevtić were not considered for the today’s match.