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Sarajevo Football Club is the semi-finalist of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina!

27.03.2014 at 00:42h

Sarajevo Football Club is the semi-finalist of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina!

The football players of Sarajevo qualified for the semi-finals of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the result of 1:1 in the first match played in Grbavica, the nets were still during the return match at the "Asim Ferhatović-Hase" Olympic stadium and this was enough for our club to qualify for the next competition round.

During the first ten minutes, the players of Sarajevo were absolutely dominant on the field without good chances. In the 12th minute, Selimović made a mistake, Stojčev had an attempt, but Kerla kicked the ball out of the playfield borders.

In the 18th minute, Stojčev passed a long ball and found Velkoski in the penalty area who in a superb manner managed to set free from his keeper but made a bad shot and the ball went over the goal. Velkoski had a chance also in the 20th minute of the match but hit only the outer part of the net.

In the 24th minute of the match, the referee did not award the penalty to Sarajevo. After the corner of Željezničar, followed the fast counter atack of our team, Bilbija took the ball and went alone towards the goal of the guests but Bučan stopped our player in an irregular way. However, the referee of the match, Ognjen Valjić, did not react.

In the 30th minute of the game Željezničar threatened for the first time. Svraka shoots from a great distance but beside the goal of Bandović. Ten minutes after, Tomić also had an attempt, Bandović was there.

First minutes of the second half did not bring any significant chances for both sides. In the 65th minute Hodžić hit the ball with his head after a corner kich but the ball went beside our goal. During the most part of the second, the ball was passed around the middle of the field. However, the last minutes of the match were very interesting.

In the last minute of the match, Purić found Stojčev, who headed the ball just a few meters from the goal, but straight into Lončarić. Only a minute after, on the other side, Selimović scored goal which was annulled due to obvious offside of the striker of Željezničar. Soon after, the referee Ognjen Valjić marked the end of the game.

After the match, Robert Jarni, the Manager of the Sarajevo FC stated:

"We knew that the match will be difficult, a derby is a derby. We opened the match well but didn’t manage to score a goal. In the second half, Željezničar was better but we came back in the last 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the derby finished without goals but we can all be happy with the way we played in these two derbies".

Sarajevo FC 0:0 Željezničar FC


Stadium: "Asim Ferhatović-Hase", referee: Ognjen Valjić (Banja Luka), yellow cards: Cimirot, Tatomirović, (Sarajevo), Svraka, Zolotić, Bučan, Tomić, Lončarić (Željezničar).


Sarajevo FC: Bandović, Barić, Stojčev, Jajalo, Velkoski (72nd min. Purić), Vusljanin (63rd min. Todorović), Cimirot, Tadejević, Dupovac, Bilbija (90th min. Travančić), Tatomirović.