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Sarajevo Football Club recorded a defeat against Krupa at a friendly match

23.06.2017 at 23:56h

Sarajevo Football Club recorded a defeat against Krupa at a friendly match

Football players of Sarajevo have been defeated in a friendly match. Yesterday our club played in Travnik, at the “Pirota” Stadium against Krupa, and recorded a defeat with 3: 1, despite a large number of created chances. The match itself has been played in an open game on both sides, in which Sarajevo had a much more balls in its possession. Our players created some very good opportunities to score, but Krupa was luckier and more skilled in the finals, and almost used all their opportunities in the match.

The match was opened by Crnkić with his shot from the top of the penalty area, but Fejzić had successful defend. After that, Hebibović was bounced off, and from their first chance at the match, Krupa came to the lead. Milutinović hit Pavlović's net with an impact of about 18 meters. Shortly thereafter, Ivetić was kicking from the distance, and for the good throwing of Almir Bekić, Novaković shoot beside the goal. In the 26th minute, Barić managed to increase the lead of Krupa, and only a few minutes later, Aleksić hit the Pavlović's net for 3-0. After that, Sarajevo created two opportunities, and our players managed to score in 38th minute. Crnkić stole the ball from Aleksić and found Sarić. After that, Ahmetović had a great chance for our club, but from the excellent position, he shoots to the side.

The continuation of the match brought even more opportunities, especially before the goal of Krupa. However, the team from the city on Vrbas opens the second part, when Zukić shot from the top of the penalty area next to Pavlović. In the 60th minute Anđušić was inaccurate, and shortly afterwards Rahmanović tried to score, but there was no change. Lelić had a precise shot in the 75th minute, but Smajlagić was late. Smajlagić, who, on the excellent throwing of Pidro, shot directly into the goalkeeper, missed a great opportunity for Sarajevo. After that, Rahmanović came out in front of Krupa’s goal, but there was no change in the results.

Sarajevo will play its first UEFA European League qualification match next week. Our club will play in Moldova, and the match against FC Zaria Balti will play on Thursday, June 29. starting at 20:00.

FK Krupa 1:3 FK Sarajevo

Scorers: Milutinović, Barić, Aleksić (FK Krupa), Sarić (FK Sarajevo).

FK Krupa: Fejzić, Palić, Jašarević, Aleksić, Vukotić, Redžić, Milutinović, Barić, Dabić, Ljubenović i Koljić.

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hodžić, Bekić, Novaković, Mihojević, Radovac, Ivetić, Sarić, Crnkić, Hebibović i Ahmetović. Also playing: Adilović/ Kovačević, Pidro, Salčinović, Mujakić, Kadušić, Herić, Anđušić/ Blagojević, Rahmanović, Kuzmanović, Lelić, Smajlagić.