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Sarajevo lost away match in Široki Brijeg

06.12.2015 at 15:07h

Sarajevo lost away match in Široki Brijeg

Footballers of Sarajevo were defeated by Široki Brijeg within the Matchday 18 of the BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The match was played at the “Pecara” Stadium in Široki Brijeg and ended with a minimal victory of the home team, 1:0.

The first half of the match brought many opportunities, especially in front of the home team’s goal. In the first minute of the match Rustemović executed a corner kick after which Kovačević headed the ball, but it went over the cross bar. Soon after, Rustemović attempted, but he was not precise enough. In the 6th minute, Benko attempted as well, but there was no change of the result. Krstanović had the best chance for the home team in the 11th minute when he missed the goal of Plakalo from a distance of 5 meters. Benko had two opportunities in the following minutes, however his attempts from a distance were not precise enough. Amer Bekić also made an attempt, but his shot from the 28th minute ended over the goal.

On the other side, Plakalo made a great save after a header of Brekalo. In the 40th minute Sarajevo had a chance to score. First chance came from Duljević who attempted diagonally from the left side, but the ball was reflected by the defenders into the corner of the home team. In the continuation of the attack, Rustemović’s strong kick was blocked.

There was a good opportunity on each side at the beginning of the second half. Krstanović came alone in front of Plakalo, who defended his shot, and on the other side Okić passed the ball to Benko who shoots well, however the ball goes just a few centimeters beside the left goal post of the home team. Pehar received a yellow card after a very harsh tackle over Rustemović in the 55th minute and in the resulting hassle Sesar and Barbarić also received yellow cards. In the 61st minute of the match, Sarajevo came close to scoring a goal. Duljević penetrated the left side, made a center shot into the penalty area, but Benko did not manage to reach the ball and put it behind the back of the goalkeeper of Široki Brijeg. In the continuation of the attack, the ball came to Amer Bekić who shoots well, but Soldo manages to defend his shot.

The home team took the lead in the 69th minute of the match. Kožulj attempted from a distance and hit the upper left corner of Plakalo’s net. Only two minutes later, Sarajevo could even the result. Duljević made a center shot from the left side which was headed by Benko from the penalty area, but the ball ended beside the goal. In spite of the field initiative, there were no major chances until the end of the match, so it was finished with a minimal victory of Široki Brijeg.

Footballers of Sarajevo concluded the first part of the season with today’s match. The spring part of the season will be opened with an away match in Mostar, i.e. the match against Zrinjski which is scheduled for February 2016.

NK Široki Brijeg 1:0 FK Sarajevo

Scorer: Kožulj 69th minute

“Pecara” Stadium, spectators: 3.000, referee: Dragan Skakić, yellow cards: Pehar, Sesar, Brekalo (NK Široki Brijeg), Barbarić, Kallasi, Duljević, Berberović (FK Sarajevo), red cards: Duljević (FK Sarajevo).

NK Široki Brijeg: Soldo, Čorluka, Barišić, Brekalo, Bralić, Sesar, Kožulj (from 83rd min. Landeka), Pehar, Crnov (from 57th min. Wagner), Baraban (from 75th min. Buhač), Krstanović.

FK Sarajevo: Plakalo, Kadušić, Kallasi (from 46th min. Radovac), Kovačević, Barbarić, Berberović, Rustemović, Duljević, Okić (from 64th min. Osmanović), Amer Bekić, Benko (from 82nd min. Velkoski).