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Sarajevo outplayed Željezničar in 111th city derby on Koševo stadium

20.05.2017 at 23:22h

Sarajevo outplayed Željezničar in 111th city derby on Koševo stadium

Football players of FK Sarajevo won on today's match against Željezničar in 9th round of playoff for championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Olympic stadium “Asim Ferhatović-Hase”. Team lead by Mehmed Janjoš through entire match was better opponent and goal scorer was Amer Bekić.

Duljević opens the match with distance shoot but the ball goes over the goal. Sarajevo leads in 21st minute. After Kadušić’s throw in from the right side, guests’ defensive player stops the ball with the hand and the main referee Irfan Peljto points to the white spot. With precise shoot Amer Bekić scores a goal. Several minute later a big chance for Sarajevo. Duljević passes the ball to Hebibović, who passes the goalkeeper of Željezničar but the ball goes over the goal.

Only chance in the first part Željezničar had through Lendrić in 35th minute but Pavlović had a nice intervention. Till the end of the first part Sarić and Hodžić had their chances but without luck.

In continuation, Maroon club had some more good chances. Two times Hebibović threated in 75th minute and after that Ahmetović tries his luck. Reservist Anđušić after good breach in the middle of the field passes to Duljević, whose shot was blocked. In the finish of the match, Željezničar had a chance through Lendrić but without any danger for the goal of Sarajevo so Maroon Club won in 111th city derby.

In the last round of 2016/2017 season Sarajevo will be guest in Krupa.

FK Sarajevo 1:0 FK Željezničar

Olympic stadium “Asim FerhatovićHase”, attendance: 8.000, referee: Irfan Peljto, yellow cards: Almir Bekić (FK Sarajevo), Kerla, S. Stevanović (FK Željezničar), goals: Amer Bekić 21’ (FK Sarajevo).

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Kadušić, Novaković, Kovačević, Almir Bekić, Sarić, Ivetić, Duljević (from 89. minute Radovac), Hodžić, Hebibović, Amer Bekić (from 66. minute Ahmetović).

FK Željezničar:  Kjosevski, Siniša Stevanović, Kerla, Bogičević, Stanić (from 65. minute Zakarić) Marković, Bekrić (from 65. minute Blagojević), Zeba, Miroslav Stevanović, Crnov, Lendrić.