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Sarajevo played draw at Koševo against Krupa

23.04.2017 at 21:14h

Sarajevo played draw at Koševo against Krupa

Football players of Sarajevo played draw against Krupa on today’s match of 5nd round of playoff for champions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The match on Olympic stadium “Asim Ferhatović-Hase” was finished with the result of 1:1 and goal scorer for Maroon Club was Mersudin Ahmetović.

In the first half of the match goals remain unattached. Sarajevo had field initiative and some chances. In two chances players of guests’ team blocked Ahmetović and the shots from Duljević and Sarić went over the goal. In 34th minute our football players had a promising chance in which Čomor improperly crashes Crnkić but referee signaled unauthorized position. Continuation of the match brought a lot better and more opened game on both sides.

In the following minutes Sarajevo leads. Crnkić gets through the left side where he was cut down and the referee points on the white spot.

Ahmetović whit the precise shot scores a goal. Sarajevo could in the next attack score again but after a swift counterattack Duljević failed to pass Hebibović who was in a good position in the penalty area of Krupa. Five minutes after Sarajevo scored, Krupa draw the result. Mirković kicked the ball from the corner, Koljić shoots but Hodžić throws the ball from the goal line outside on the field where Koljić again shots but this time he was precise.

After a few minutes Ahmetović had a great chance for scoring a goal for Maroon Club. Crnkić shoots from the top of the penalty area, Kutić kicks his shot and Ahmetović had an empty goal in front of him, but with the header he only shoots over the goal.

Till the end of the match Sarajevo had a field initiative and Krupa’s goalkeeper had a nice performance after he saved his goal from Hebibović’s shot from the right side in 83rd minute. The best chance for Sarajevo in the last minutes of the match misses Amer Bekić. Our attacker had a good header after a good one from Lelić but the ball hits the frame and till the last whistle from the referee there was no change in the result.

In the next round Sarajevo will be playing against Radnik in Bjeljina. The match is on schedule for April 29, 2017.

FK Sarajevo 1:1 FK Krupa

Olympic stadium “Asim Ferhatović-Hase”, attendance: 2.000, referee: Ermin Sivac, yellow cards: Sarić (FK Sarajevo), Čomor, Milutinović, Milanović (FK Krupa), goalsi: Ahmetović 50’ (FK Sarajevo), Koljić 55’ (FK Krupa).

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hodžić, Kovačević, Duljević, Sarić (from 75. minute Husejinović), Crnkić, Hebibović (from 64. minute Lelić), Mihojević, Almir Bekić (from 80. minute Amer Bekić), Ahmetović, Ivetić.

FK Krupa: Kurtić, Redžić, Jašarević, Koljić, Ljubenović, Dujaković (from 64. minute Milanović), Milutinović, Vukotić, Čomor (from 70. minute Vidović), Aleksić, Mirković (from 62. minute Barić).