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Sarajevo regrets for missed opportunities in Moldova

29.06.2017 at 22:51h

Sarajevo regrets for missed opportunities in Moldova

Sarajevo registered a defeat at qualifying match for the UEFA European League. FC Zaria Balti defeated the team of Mehmed Janjos, and Marko Mihojević scored a very valuable goal on the field. The match ended with a score of  2: 1.

The Maroon team was leader from the very beginning when in the sixth minute, the double pass played Ivetić and Radovac, and after Radovc's shot, the ball ended in goal out. The hosts took the lead in the next minute. Zagynailov scored for 1: 0. After that, Sarajevo threatened through Hebibović, but the ball went next to the goal.

The bigger ball possession and the field initiative Zarija used in 33 minutes, the negligence of the last line of Sarajevo uses Gomez and brings the club with a shot from the center to increase the lead. At the beginning of the second part, Sarajevo made a double change. Instead of Ivetić and Hodžić, Rahmanović and Kadušić entered in the game.

After the corner shot by Sarić, Hebibović tried his luck, but his kick ended in the goalkeeper's hands. Three minutes later, Radovac also tried with 20 meters shot, but there was no change in the result. Hebibović had a chance again in the corner after 65 minutes, but he failed.

The pressure of Sarajevo was finally paid off  in the 74th minute. Sarić made a new break, and after a shot and a crowd in the penalty area of domestic Mihojević managed to reduce to 2: 1. After that, the Maroon team pressed in order to come to a settlement, and by entering Kuzmanović and previously Rahmanović, Sarajevo played very well and created a large number of opportunities.

After that, Crnkić shot over the goal, after the corner of Sarić. In the 86th minute, a great shot from Radovac from 25 meters was passing beside the goal, and in the referee's time after the corner Zarija players reacted at the last minute and prevent Sarajevo from equalizing. Rahmanović had the chance.

The game ended 2: 1 and Sarajevo will be looking for a goal and passing to the next round of the competition in four days at the Olympic stadium "Asim Ferahtović-Hase". The Maroon Club welcomes Zaria on 6th July, starting at 20:00.

FC Zaria Balti 2: 1 FK Sarajevo

Stadium:  Zimbru. Referee:  Alexandros Aretopoulos (Greece). Sagittarius: 1: 0 Zagynailov 7 ', 2: 0 Gomez 33', 2: 1 Mihojević 74 '

Yellow cards: War, Focsa, Novicov (Zaria Balti); Mihojević, Rahmanović (Sarajevo).

FC Zaria Balti: Pascenzo; Golovatenko, Novitsa, Zagynailov (from 76th Boghiu), Rata, Ovseannicov, Tigirlas (from 72nd Slinkin), Mihailov, Yermak, Fosca, Gomez (from 85th Cararus).

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović; Hodžić (from 46. Kadušić), Novaković, Mihojević, Bekić; Sarić, Ivetić (from 46. Rahmanović); Radovac, Hebibović, Crnkić, Ahmetović (from 72.Kuzmanović ).