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Sarajevo-Sloboda: Fastest goal of the season for victory

05.05.2017 at 21:58h

Sarajevo-Sloboda: Fastest goal of the season for victory

Football players of FK Sarajevo have won another match. With the goal of Nermin Crnkić, team lead by Mehmed Janjoš won against Sloboda from Tuzla with the result of 1:0 in the first match of 7th round of playoff for championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with which they took the first place on the league table.

First half brought some chances specifically in front of the goal of Sloboda.   At the opening of the match Sarajevo leads. It was 20th second of the match when Kadušić gets the ball on the right side, gave it to Duljević who assists well for Crnkić and the shot ends behind the back of Sloboda’s goalkeeper.

In the first half Sloboda was playing the best game at the beginning of the match, after Sarajevo scored. Ziljkić, Subotić and Zec tried their luck with the distance shoots and Zec could draw the result but Novaković had a nice intervention. Ten minute later Mihojević shoots from the line of penalty area.

In 21st minute of the match Sarajevo had a good chance. Hebibović throws in from corner, Crnkić passes but Mihojević misses the ball. After that, Hebibović two times shoots from a good position but without any change. Duljević tried his shot too and shoots from a distance but Sloboda’s goalkeeper catches the ball. In the last minutes of the match the shot from Mihojević was blocked and Kovačević had a header after one corner across the goal and Sarajevo misses a good chance through Hebibović too. Our wing player shoots from ten meters distance, but Muminović defends it.

At the opening of the second half of the match Sarajevo had a good chance. After Hebibović’s pass, Novaković shoots from a right side bur across the goal. Captain of the Maroon Club, Haris Duljević had another chance. From 25 meters shoots to the goal of Sloboda but the guests goalkeeper with a lot of work kicks the ball out. On the other side Ziljkić had a shot next to Pavlović’s goal. New chance for the guests from Tuzla was in 53rd minute of the match. Sabić throws in and Tandir hits the frame of the goal. Ten minutes later, Sarajevo could score again. Duljević founds Crnkić but Muminović had a good intervention. In the next attack Kadušić had a nice shot but without luck.

In 71st minute another good chance for Sarajevo. Mihojević was in a good position after a free kick but his shot goes by the left side of the goal. Some minutes later, Ahmetović passes to Hebibović whose shot goes over the goal. Five minutes before the end of the match, Sarić shoots over the frame. Till the end of the match there was no change in the result so our players won another match.

In the next round Sarajevo will be guest in Mostar, playing against Zrinjski and before that Sarajevo is hosting Široki Brijeg in the first final match of Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The match is scheduled for Wednesday May 10, 2017 at the Olympic stadium “Asim Ferhatović-Hase” at 18h.

FK Sarajevo 1:0 FK Sloboda

Olympic stadium “Asim Ferhatović-Hase”, attanandace: 3.500, referee: Dragan Petrović, yellow cards: Mihojević, Ahmetović (FK Sarajevo),  Subić, Ziljkić, Škahić (FK Sloboda), goals: Crnkić 1’ (FK Sarajevo).

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Kadušić, Almir Bekić, Novaković, Kovačević, Mihojević, Ivetić (from 53. minute Sarić), Duljević (from 70. minute Radovac), Crnkić, Hebibović (from 85. minute Amer Bekić), Ahmetović.

FK Sloboda: Muminović, Skahić, Salihović, Todorović, Efendić, Ziljkić (from 76. minute Smajić), Subić (from 63. minute Hodžić), Grahovac (from 63. minute Stjepanović), Tandir, Hairlahović, Zec.