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Sarajevo stopped in the first round of UEFA qualifiers

07.07.2017 at 01:08h

Sarajevo stopped in the first round of UEFA qualifiers

Football players of Sarajevo were stopped in the first round of qualifications for the UEFA European League 2017/18. The selected ones of Mehmed Janjoš won the match last night at Koševo stadium against FC Zaria Balti with 2: 1, but after the penalties, the Moldovan team took part in the next round of this competition.

Sarajevo has phenomenally opened the game. After several occasions, Anel Hebibović brought our club into leadership. Mićo Kuzmanović came in from the left side and hit a corner kick for Amar Rahmanović, who scored the goal after a shot from the left flank, but Hebibović managed to hit the lead of Sarajevo. After that, Sarajevo’s game started being more offensive. Hebibović was able to score a second goal, but defense of the guests reacted well.

Zaria threatened in the middle of the first part over Gomez, but there was no danger for Sarajevo's goal. Our players scored a second goal in the 33th minute. Sarić went well, entered the penalty area, but he was pushed down on the field, and a referee from Lithuania points out to the white dot. The safe performer was Advan Kadušić. In the first half of the referee's time, we saw two great opportunities for Sarajevo, but Pascenko intervened after the shots of Rahmanović and Hebibović.

The second half was again opened by Sarajevo. After two minutes of play, the third shot of the Maroon team was canceled, as the couch showed an offside line after a free kick. Sarić scored, and Crnkić sent the ball into the net. Sarajevo's excellent game was interrupted in the 60th minute when the guests scored. Zagynailov sent a ball behind Pavlović after a free kick. In 78 minutes were two great opportunities for Sarajevo after two corners. First, Saša Novaković shook his head, and Pascenco defended, and then after the offside position the ball ended up in the goal.

A great opportunity is happening five minutes before the end with the penalty for Sarajevo. Anđušić went well, but Nermin Crnkić missed shot from the white spot. After a penalty, corner followed, and Novaković heads his head and hit the crossbar. In the last seconds of the regular part, Golovatenco hit the face of Anđušić and earned a red card, so Sarajevo had more players in the extra time.

In the next half an hour, Sarajevo was much better on the field. In the last seconds of the first extension, the home team kicked three times, but all three times the shot was blocked. The second part of the extensions took place in the siege of Zaria’s goal. In the 114th minute Pascenco was once again a hero of the Moldavians when he saved an unbelievable chance. Until that moment, Sarajevo sent 33 strikes towards Zarija’s goal.

In spite of the huge number of opportunities for Sarajevo, it began to perform the penalties. After two players scored, Marko Mihojević missed the first one. He hit the crossbar; however, even the Moldavians were not one hundred percents sure, so the approach was alternated, until someone missed. Kuzmanović missed in the seventh series, while the Zarija player hit and took his team further.

Scorers: (Hebibović 11 ', Kadušić 34' / Zagynailov 60 '), Olympic Stadium "Asim Ferhatović-Hase" - spectators: 12,000

Referee: Aleksandrs Anufrijevs (Latvia)

Yellow Cards: Mihojević, Sarić (Sarajevo), Mihailov, Yermak , Focsa, Suvorov (Zaria).

Red card: Mihailov (Zaria).

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Novaković, Crnkić, Sarić, Rahmanović (73. Anđušić), Kuzmanović, Hebibović (87. Ivetić), Radovac, Mihojević, Bekić, Kadušić (58. Hodžić).

Zaria Balti: Pascenzo, Golovatenco, Novicov, Zagynail, Ratan, Ovseaninov (from 73 Slinkin), Tigirlas (from 46 Suvorov), Mikhailov, Yermak, Focsa, Gomez.