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Sarajevo was defeated by Mariupol, a big number of missed opportunities

12.02.2017 at 19:10h

Sarajevo was defeated by Mariupol, a big number of missed opportunities

Football players of FK Sarajevo today played the last friendly match in preparations in Antalya. Our players played against FC Mariupol from Ukraine, and the match finished 1:0 for first ranking club in the Second league of Ukraine.

Through entire match Sarajevo played better. Our players had chances from the beginning. It was 2nd minute of the match when Duljević had a good chance, but the ball went over the frame. Same football player tried again ten minute later, but without luck. Mariupol scored in 18th minute. After throw in from the right side, some mistakes happened in the last line and the football player in the red jersey throw the ball which ended behind the Pavlović’s back. Until the end of the first half, Rustemović had a good shoot, but the ball was stopped by the frame of the goal. After that, Ahmetović had a good chance but the ball went several centimeters from goal bar.

Hereafter Sarajevo made a big number of changes, and the first shot on the goal had Rustemović. Sarajevo could draw by the shoots of Anđušić and Husejinović, but without luck. Almir Bekić and Saša Balić missed today’s game because of minor injuries.

In the morning hours Maroon Club will be heading to Sarajevo and first premier league match in the spring part of the season, our player will play on 26 February, against Vitez.

FK Sarajevo 0:1 FC Mariupol

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović (from 46. Minute Adilović), Hodžić (from 77. minute Kovačević), Kadušić, Novaković, Ivetić, Radovac (from 46. minute Sarić), Rustemović (from 67. minute Mihojević), Duljević (from 75. minute Amer Bekić), Hebibović (from 46. minute Liivak), Crnkić (from 62. minute Anđušić) i Ahmetović (from 66. minute Husejinović).