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Sarajevo won convincingly against Bosna- The friendly game ended with a 4-0

17.10.2017 at 16:24h

Sarajevo won convincingly against Bosna- The friendly game ended with a 4-0


Football players of Sarajevo won Bosna from Visoko on today's friendly match. The match at the Sarajevo FC Training Center ended with a 4-0 victory for Sarajevo. The goals were scored by Smajlagić (2), Herić and Crnkić. From the first minute the game started Kovačević, Kadušić, Pidro, Mujakić, Ivetić, Herić, Rahmanović, Husejinović, Crnkić, Kuzmanović and Smajlagić.

Smajlagić was the first to reach the ball on his head. Then Crnkić hit the stand for the excellent throw-in of Huseinović. Rahmanović tried his shot, but there was no change. It was played 16. minute when Sarajevo came to the lead. Kuzmanović “made a job” for Herić, who hit the Bosna’s net by a sharp shot.

Shortly thereafter, Herić was again in the lead and the new goal was scored in 29. Minute. Rahmanović passed the ball to Smajlagić, who shot by a ground-breaking shot to increase Sarajevo's leadership. By the end of the first half time another goal happened. Rahmanović took a free kick from goalkeeper, goal keeper defended, and Crnkić scored a new goal.

At the beginning of the second half time, three changes in our rows happened. Adilović, Liivak and Anđagić went in instead of Kovačević, Herić and Kuzmanović. In the continuation of the match, Sarajevo threatened with  the great strike of Rahmanović and Liivaka with distance. But there was no change. The last goal of the match was scored by Smajlagić. Our young attacker shot in the 68. minute for the second time, and Husejinović was instructed to help.

The upcoming weekend Maroon Club will be visiting Zrinjski in Mostar. The match is played on Saturday, October 21.