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Sarajevo won GOŠK in a friendly match, with goals scored by Hebibović and Rahmanović

17.01.2018 at 16:24h

Sarajevo won GOŠK in a friendly match, with goals scored by Hebibović and Rahmanović

 Football players of Sarajevo won GOŠK in the first friendly match, as part of the winter preparations of our club. The chosen ones of Husref Musemić were better than the players from Gabela with a score of  2: 0, and the goals were scored by Anel Hebibović and Amar Rahmanović.

Both teams entered agile in the game, and the team of Sarajevo was ahead of them, which had the first chance in the second minute, but Husejinović's shot was blocked. In the next minute, GOŠK threatened via Zolj, but his shot went by the goal. After that, Sarajevo takes control of the game and in the 10. minute comes to the lead when Rahmanović assisted Hebibović, and this one defeated goalkeeper of GOŠK for 1: 0. Sarajevo continues to dominate after scoring and already in the 12. minute gets to a new chance, but Mustafić shoots across the goal. In the 22. minute, Rahmanović also had a chance for the Maroon club after a great action by Ahmetović and Hebibović, but without changing the results, two minutes later he tried to hit Sarić with 18 meters but his shot was defended by Kozić. GOŠK threatened in the 26. minute of the match through Đajić, whose header went through the goal, and after that the game entered the calm stream that was interrupted in the very end of the first part. It was 43. minutes when Mustafić had a great deal of action with Hebibović, who assisted Rahmanović, who shook GOŠK’s net for 2: 0

Sarajevo had a chance over Velkoski in the 53. and 58. minute of the match, but the attacker of Sarajevo failed to score, while GOŠK threatened in 52. minute from free kick, which defended Adilović. Velkoski had a free kick from the 63. minute, which ended near goal of GOŠK, in order to have Hadžić’s head shot four minutes later, but his shot was defended by the goalkeeper of the opposing team. In the continuation of the game, a more calm part of the game was followed without too many opportunities until the 81. minute when Herić was in the chance, but he shot through the goal. The match ended with the victory of Sarajevo 2: 0, and Maroon’s staff headquarters can be very pleased with the game and the racing mood of our players.

NK GOŠK Gabela 0:2 FK Sarajevo


FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Stanojević, Hodžić, Šofranac, Mujakić, Mustafić, Sarić, Rahmanović, Hebibović, Husejinović, Ahmetović. In the second half time: Adilović, Lelić, Šabanović, Sadiku, Adukor, Herić, Radovac, Kuzmanović, Velkoski, Halilović i Hadžić. Coach: Husref Musemić.