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Sarajevo won Velež- Friendly match ended with a victory of 5: 0

01.11.2017 at 15:36h

Sarajevo won Velež- Friendly match ended with a victory of 5: 0

Players of the Sarajevo Football Club have won today in the friendly match, which took place at the Training Center of our club in Butmir. The match ended with a score of 5: 0, and goals were scored by Smajlagić (2), Crnkić, Hadžić and Husejinović.

The first half started with the following squad: Adilović, Hodžić, Bekić, Novaković, Mujakić, Herić, Stanojević, Husejinović, Anđušić, Crnkić and Smajlagić. The first minute was played when Sarajevo came to the lead. Herić made a nice pass to Crnkić, who scored for the leadership of Sarajevo. After that, Anđušić had a chance, but there was no change.

Smajlagić shot over the goal, and then Bekić tried his punch, but Velaž's net was still. A new goal was scored in the 12. minute. Husejinović selflessly employed Smajlagić, who precisely scored for 2: 0. Ten minutes after Husejinović's shot from the free-kick, the ball goes through the goal. Crnkić also shot, and by the end of the first part, Velež had a good chance. The striker's strike ends in the outside of the net.

The second part started with the composition: Kovačević, Kadušić, Pidro, Sadiku, Mujakić, Anđušić, Husejinović, Liivak, Smajlagić, Crnkić and Hadžić. Immediately on the opening of the second part a new goal occured. Smajlagić came in and scored for 3: 0. Kovačević exalted himself with defense, and on the other side, Kadušić had strongly shot, but there was no change. In the 63. minute Hadžić stole one and scored precisely for 4: 0. By the end of the match, Smajlagić hit a cross with a header, and on the other side Sadiku saved the goal of Sarajevo with a help, and the final goal was scored by Said Husejinović.

For the upcoming weekend, the Maroon Club will play against GOŠK in Gabela. The match is scheduled for November 5.