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Sarajevo's high victory in a friendly match against Radnik

10.10.2017 at 18:09h

Sarajevo's high victory in a friendly match against Radnik

Footballers of Sarajevo played a friendly match today against Radnik from Hadžići. The match in the Training Center of our club ended with the victory of Sarajevo with 7: 0. The professional staff performed the following team at the beginning of the match: Pavlović, Hodžić, Bekić, Adukor, Novaković, Saric, Stanojević, Velkoski, Anđušić, Hebibović and Ahmetović.

The 8. minute was played when Sarajevo scored for the lead. Ahmetović had a really great shot with his head and Radnik’s player passes the ball on the line-up. After that, Anđušić shook his head beside the goal, and Hodžić tried his shot also, but there was no change. Ten minutes later, Hebibović shot the ball from the distance. In the 25. minute, Velkoski hit the crossbar, and six minutes later, our Macedonian football player throwed for Anđušić, who scored 1: 0. By the end of the first half time, we had two more chances- Ahmetović and Hodžić, but there was no change in the results.

In the second half time played: Adilović, Sadiku, Pidro, Mujakić, Ivetić, Radovac, Rahmanović, Husejinović, Crnkić, Smajlagić, Hadžić, and Kovačević also entered the game.

Immediately at the beginning of the second half time, Rahmanović hit the cross from a shot from the distance, and then Husejinović shot through the goal. A few minutes later, Crnkić played great with Hadžić, who scored 2: 0 with a precise shot. At 57. minute Smajlagić scored a goal for Husejinovic's shot, and our young striker got into a goal after that again. Then Rahmanović assisted Smajlagić for a new goal, and scored 6-0 for Hadžić from a white spot. Previously, Crnkić was illegally stopped. By the end of the match, the fourth goal was scored by Smajlagić.

The forthcoming weekend, Sarajevo Football Club will play against Sloboda in Tuzla. The game will be played on Saturday, October 14. starting at 18:00.