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Sarajevo's high victory in friendly match against Olimpic

26.09.2017 at 18:44h

Sarajevo's high victory in friendly match against Olimpic

Footballers of Sarajevo won against Olimpic in today's friendly game, which was played at the Training Center of our club in Butmir. The chosen ones of Husref Musemić won with 4: 1, and goals were scored by Anđušić, Lelić, Novaković and Husejinović.

The Maroon team played in a combined squad, composed of players who had lesser minutes in previous games. However, this did not affect the game and the result, and Sarajevo from the first minute dominated the field.

The forth minute was played when Sarajevo came to the lead. Husejinović put in the ball well, and Anđušić hit the Hodžić’s net with his head. A few minutes later, Herić found Novaković who scored a second goal in the match.

Ten minutes later, a new goal was scored. Lelić hit the goal after another help of Husejinović, and the first name of the match, Said Husejinović signed as one of the shooters. A penalty was awarded for Lelić, which Husejinović has safely accomplished.

In the continuation of the game, both coaches made certain changes, and the intensity of the game fell, but there were several opportunities. Šćepanović had the best chance for the Olimpic, and on the other hand, Smajlagić was not precise on two occasions.  Olimpic scored the goal at the end of the game. Kovač was stopped improperly by Pidro and Osmanović hit and set the final score 4: 1.

The upcoming weekend, Sarajevo Football Club is welcoming Krupa on Koševo. The game will be played on Sunday, October 1, starting at 16:00.

FK Sarajevo 4:1 FK Olimpic

Training Center in Butmir, the main referee: Admir Šehović, scorers: Anđušić, Novaković, Lelić, Husejinović (FK Sarajevo), Osmanović (FK Olimpic).

FK Sarajevo: Adilović, Sadiku, Pidro, Novaković, Mujakić, Radovac, Adukor, Herić, Lelić, Anđušić i Husejinović. And: Liivak, Kuzmanović, Smajlagić, Kovačević.

FK Olimpik: Hodžić, Čvoro, Duraković, Stojanović, Salman, Rikalo, Jusufbašić, Oglečevac, Zeljković, Vidović, Jusufi. And:  Bandović, Rastoder, Čizmić, Bevab, Zeba, Osmanović, Mahović, Šćepanović, Pršeš, Kovač.