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Sarić and Ahmetović extend Sarajevo winning streak

27.11.2016 at 15:00h

Sarić and Ahmetović extend Sarajevo winning streak

Sarajevo Football Club achieved very important victory in last fixture against Metaleghe in Travnik. Sarić and Ahmetović scored goals for Maroon team, and another Bosnian Premier League win (2:0).

The first half time of the game brought a fighting game on both sides, on very difficult field. Sarajevo was better in first 45 minutes, and the first chance on the game had the captain of the team, Haris Duljević, who shots from distance, but goalkeeper Fejzić was on the right place. Almir Bekić crossed from the left side, tricked the goalkeeper, but crossbar stops his shot. Until the end of the first half, best chance for Sarajevo had Hebibović who missed it in 38th minute, who on the ball from Duljević shots over the goal.

At the beginning of the second half, Sarajevo had two chances. Ahmetović passes the left side, but Hebibović wasn’t on time. After that, Duljević crosses the ball, but Balić didn’t get it. On the other side, Sakan tried his shot, but the ball goes over the goal. Maroon club scored another deserved goal in 70th minute of the game. Duljević was improperly stopped by Bibić, Sarić takes the ball, who with the nice shot scores his second goal in this season.

After the lead, Sarajevo had two more chances. Crnkić had one, but the result remains the same. On the other side, Pavlović saves his net after the Durak’s shot. The second goal on the game our football players managed to achieve in 81st minute. Sarić played it well, passes the good one to Ahmetović, who scores for leading. In the next attack FK Sarajevo had a great chance. Duljević shot a long one, but Fejzić kept his goal safe. Three minutes before the end of the game, Balić gets a direct red card, after the foul over Jakupović.

Until the end of the game, the result remains the same, and our players kept the ball in their position. Very important win for, now second placed Sarajevo Football Club. Maroon team now has 31 point, and in the last fixture of the first part of season will play against Radnik on stadium Asim Ferhatović-Hase.

NK Metalleghe 0:2 FK Sarajevo

Stadium “Pirota” in Travniku, attendance: 1.500, referee: Eldin Jakupović (Bihać), yellow cards: Durak, Bibić, Kovač, Selimović (NK Metalleghe), Rustemović, Balić (FK Sarajevo), red cards: Balić (FK Sarajevo), goals: Sarić 70’, Ahmetović 81’ (FK Sarajevo)

NK Metalleghe: Fejzić, Durak, Bibić, Kovač, Smajić (from 76. minute Selimović), Zeba, Helvida, Dujaković, Rašić, Radulović (from 50. minute Sakan), Stakić.

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Kadušić, Rustemović, Duvljević, Crnkić (from 90. minute Anđušić), Hebibović (from 55. minute Amer Bekić), Balić, Mihojević, Al. Bekić, Ahmetović, Ivetić (from 68. minute Sarić).