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The Maroon Club qualified for the 1/4 Cup finals, the youth of Sarajevo played brilliantly against Slavija

04.11.2015 at 18:12h

The Maroon Club qualified for the 1/4 Cup finals, the youth of Sarajevo played brilliantly against Slavija

FK Sarajevo qualified for the 1/4 finals of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After achieving a convincing victory as a guest team with a 4:1 result, the players selected by Miodrag Ješić, defeated Slavija at the “Asim Ferhatović-Hase” Olympic Stadium with a 3:1 result. Adnan Osmanović, Elvedin Herić and Demirel Veladžić scored the goals at today’s match which were also the first goals they scored in the jersey of the FK Sarajevo first team.

It is worth to mention that our Club’s Coaching Staff involved as many as eleven players under the age of 21, and a large number of them performed and had the chance to debut in front of the Koševo audience.

The young Adnan Osmanović opened the first half and, after the assistance of Hebibović in the 8th minute of the match, hit the goalpost of the guest team. Only a few minutes after, the goal of Hamza Čataković, who made his debut, was annulled due to offside. In the 14th minute, Kadušić made a shot over the goal. Adnan Kovačević missed a good chance for our Club; he made a great headshot in the 16th minute, but the goalkeeper of the guest team Lučić performed well and defended his goal. The guests took the lead in the 21st minute when, from a distance, Vejnović scored a goal into the upper left corner of Plakalo’s goal. After the received goal, the Maroon Club continued with its attacks. In the 25th and 27th minute, Ikande had two chances, however, there were no changes in the result. Ten minutes later, Osmanović went alone in front of Lučić who defended, and later Čataković made a shot, however the guest team player kicked out the ball from the goal line. After this, Ikande had a chance, but his shot from the top of the penalty area was defended by Lučić.

Our football players scored a deserved goal in the 42nd minute. The young Adnan Osmanović crowned the nice action of our team with a precise shot and a goal and thus scored his first goal in the FK Sarajevo first team jersey.

Take a look at the photos from the match by clicking the LINK.

The second half of the match started with a chance for Sarajevo. Kallasi, who played in the position of left defender in this match, entered the middle and performed a shot from the top of the penalty area which went over the goal of Slavija. Ten minutes later, Hebibović entered the penalty area and made an imprecise shot. Sarajevo took the lead in the 62nd minute of the match. Okić passed on the left side, made a shot into the penalty area, and young Elvedin Herić scored for a complete change of the result at Koševo. Only a few minutes later, Osmanović missed a good chance. After a mistake of the back line of the guest team, our forward went alone in front of Lučić and made a shot, but the goal went beside the right goalpost. In the 85th minute, Ikande made a shot from a good position which went beside the goal. In the last minute of the regular play time, Veladžić, with 16 years one of the youngest players to debut in the FK Sarajevo jersey, scored a goal and set the final result of the match.

There were no changes in result until the referee’s last whistle, and our player celebrated a deserved victory and qualified for the 1/4 finals of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

FK Sarajevo 3:1 FK Slavija

Scorers: Vejnović (Slavija), Osmanović, Herić, Veladžić (Sarajevo), “Asim Ferhatović-Hase”Olympic Stadium, spectators: 4.000, referee: Emir Spahalić, yellow cards: Arsenijević, Hasković, Marković, Pušara (Slavija).

FK Sarajevo: Plakalo, Kadušić, Mihojević, Kovačević, Kallasi, Ikande, Herić, Osmanović (from the 80th minute Veladžić), Hebibović (from the 68th minute Vazda), Okić, Čataković (from the 46th minute Berberović).

FK Slavija: Lučić, Arsenijević, Kartal, Vejnović, Ristić, Zeba, Rovčanić, Grujičić (from the 46. Hasković), Jovanović (from the 75th minute Pušara), Simović (from the 64th minute. Berjan), Marković.