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With a great game Sarajevo achieved victory against Vitez

09.09.2017 at 19:43h

With a great game Sarajevo achieved victory against Vitez

Football players of Sarajevo achieved victory at today's match of the seventh round of BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia & Herzegovina. With a score of 4: 0, the Maroon club was better than Vitez. The goals for the victory of Sarajevo have been achieved by Ahmetović (2), Velkoski and Hadžić.

Sarajevo started offensive from the very first minute and fifth minute was played when the ball crossed the goal line for the first time. Lelić headed Tirić, but the referee canceled the goal because of the fault of our young footballer. In the 13th minute after a good center-cross Herić from the corner, Mihojević hit the tripod, after which Hebibović missed the goal from the half-meter. Minute later Novaković tried, but it was no problem for Tirić.

Hebibovć's shot in the 15th minute was blocked, and only two minutes after the Maroon team had a great chance. Velkoski sent a ball to Ahmetović, who had a great position; but the players of the visiting team blocked our attacker. Hebibović got a good ball in the 28th minute, but it did not work well in front of Vitez’s goal. Ahmetović, in the 39th minute, built a good situation for him, but he was shooting past the goal. Let us add that in the middle of the first part, our footballers demanded a penalty, but the referee's whistle did not ring, after one of the defender Vitez obviously played with his hand.

After only two minutes in the second half, Ahmetović scored the lead goal for Sarajevo. Our attacker fought for the position, shot on the ground and matched the helpless Tirić to the goal of Vitez. A few minutes later, a new change in the results happen. Herić pushed well from the free kick and Velkoski scored for 2-0. Shortly thereafter, Velkoski greatly assisted Ahmetović, who scored a new goal, actually a second one in the game.

It was played  69th minute when Ahmetović had a new chance and a minute after Velkoski missed a goal from a very good position. Vitez sent his first shot to Sarajevo’s goal in 82 minute but Miketek was not precise. The final score have been set in the 85th minute. Kuzmanović transferred the ball to Hadzić, who hit his first chance after he entered in the game.

By the end of the match, there were no more opportunities, and the Maroon Club recorded a deserved victory. In the next round, on September 16th Sarajevo Football Club will host the team of Široki Brijeg at the Olympic stadium "Asim Ferhatović-Hase".


Olympic stadium "Asim Ferhatović-Hase", spectators: 1500, referee: Zoran Soknić (East Sarajevo), yellow cards: /, scorers: Ahmetović 47 ', 67', Velkoski 55 ', Hadžić 85' (FK Sarajevo).

FK SARAJEVO: Pavlović, Hodžić, Novaković, Sarić, Ahmetović, Velkoski, Hebibović (76. minute Hadžić), Mihojevic, Heric, Bekic (70th minute Kadusšić), Lelić (59th minute Kuzmanović).

NK VITEZ: Tirić, Stanić, Brekalo, Vukoja, Bibić (63. minute Ćosić), Zukić (46. minute Đerić), Karić, Miletić, Miketek, Mamić (80. minute Bojo) and Šantić.