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With a great jubilant goal, Velkoski brought Sarajevo the sixth consecutive victory in the League

20.10.2018 at 20:00h

With a great jubilant goal, Velkoski brought Sarajevo the sixth consecutive victory in the League

Sarajevo's footballers have reached the sixth consecutive lLeague triumph after won 1: 0 over Sloboda.

Already in the second minute Sloboda showed how much it can actually be dangerous, because the visiting team swept the ball in Sarajevo’s half filed and in a moment, Husejinović was in face to face situation with Kovačević. However, he missed to score. For this failure of Sloboda, Sarajevo got a tie ten minutes later. Hebibović tried to add an excellent ball to Ahmetović, although he could do a lot better or even kick it alone, because he had an open path  towards the goal. Those were two most likely chances in the first part of the match.

From the first half can be distinguished great action of Sarajevo played by Velkoski, Rahmanović and Tatar, after which the shot was sent by Mersudin Ahmetović.

The first shot in the frame of Sloboda’s goal, Sarajevo managed it only in 47. minute, when Tatar added the ball to Ahmetović. However, his shot was stopped by Vukliš.

After 54. minute, the visitors scored after the corner, but Petrović resigned him for the foul of Edis Smajić who entered the game at half-time. Shortly after this situation, Sarajevo led.

Sloboda’s net was shaken by Krste Velkoski's goal in the 61.minute after Aleksandar Ignjatović played with his hand. It was the 50th goal of Velkoski in the Sarajevo jersey that brought great enthusiasm to Sarajevo fans.

After 73 minutes, Sarajevo could finish the work after the contra attack, when Ahmetović, after a slip to the left, tried to hit the Vukliša’s net, but the ball went through the goal.

By the end of the match, the guests tried first through Vidović, who shot  near the goal. After the break, Adžem was in front of the goal of Sarajevo, but he sent the ball a bit over the goal. After that, Vladan Kovačević intervened but failed as he was successfully blocked. At the end of the match, Anel Hebibović had a chance to settle things for Sarajevo after another contra-attack, but his shot bounced off  without being dangerous to Vukliš.