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Željezničar FC 1:1 Sarajevo FC

12.03.2014 at 22:50h

Željezničar FC 1:1 Sarajevo FC

Within the quarter finals of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo and Željezničar played 1:1. The fans had the opportunity to watch one of the most interesting derbies in recent times, where Sarajevo was the better team, especially in the second half of the match.

Still, the game was better opened by the host from Grbavica. The first goal happened unexpectedly early. Already in the 14th minute, Tomić pass the ball back to Svraka, who scored a goal just outside the penalty area, giving the home fans and team a reason to celebrate.

A few minutes later, Jajalo shoots the ball from 22-23 meters, and the ball goes over the goal line of Lončarićev. In the 24th minute a great chance for the maroon team opens up, where Stojčev went alone before Lončarić, who keeps the net safe. Stojčev tried to shoot also in the 33rd minute, when the ball went beside the left goal bar. After some more pressure of our team, Željezničar threatens in the 37th minute. After Svraka’s pass, Tomić shoots the ball and it passes just a bit over the bar of Bandović’s goal.

Towards the end of the first halftime, Jamak failed to score a goal after a cross from Stanić. Right at the beginning of the second half, our players succeeded to score a goal and level the score. After the attempt from Stojčev, Jajalo manages to create a chance in the penalty area and checkmates Lončarić for 1-1 .

Shortly after Stanić’s mistake, the maroon team goes into counter attack three to one, but Zeljković saves the ball and knocked it in the corner. Bilbija had a great chance in the 60th minute to score a goal and to take our team into the leadership position. Velkoski played a great cross, Bilbija stayed alone in the front of the goal of Željezničar, but the goalkeeper managed to defend his shot. By the end of the game we could see shots from Dupovac and Purić, while on the other side Stanić had an unsuccessful attempt.

The players of Sarajevo will have a great chance to lead our team in the semi-finals of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina, thanks to the favorable outcome of this match.

Željezničar FC 1:1  Sarajevo FC

SARAJEVO FC: Bandović, Barić, Stojčev (76' Purić), Jajalo, Velkoski, Tatomirović, Vusljanin (78' Todorović), Cimirot, Bilbija, Tadejević (68' Puzigaća), Dupovac.