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Željezničar FC 1:1 SARAJEVO FC

04.05.2014 at 21:09h

Željezničar FC 1:1 SARAJEVO FC


The derby of the Premier League Matchday 29 - the duel between the city rivals, Željezničar and Sarajevo ended with a draw result.  The final score was 1:1 and Bojan Puzigaća scored the goal for the maroon club.

The home team from Grbavica had the first opportunity in the 9th minute of the match. Jamak made a corner kick, Hodžić performed a headshot towards Kerla who then kicked the ball from five meters of distance over the goal of Sarajevo. In the 20th minute our club fights back. After the referee break, the ball went to Tatomirović who shoots but Lončarić defended his net in a fantastic manner.

In the 27th minute of the match, Željezničar took the lead. Hodžić and Selimović made several good combinations, the ball went again to Hodžić, who with a precise shot scored for the lead of the home team. Few minutes later, on the other side, Velkoski made a shot but Lončarić was safe on the goal.

The initiative of Sarajevo on the field paid off in the 40th minute. Jajalo passed nicely through to the penalty area, Zeljković tumbled him down and the main referee awarded the penalty. Bojan Puzigaća, the left defender of Sarajevo, confidently executed the penalty kick and levelled the result.

In the 49th minute, at the beginning of the second half, Velkoski stole the ball, entered into the penalty area, went directly in front of Lončarić but his attempt to outmanoeuvre the goalkeeper of the home team failed and the ball went over the crossbar.

In the 63rd minute of the match, Bilbija had a great chance. Purić made a nice centre shot but our striker hit the goalpost of Željezničar. Few minutes later, Hodžić made an attempt from the top of the penalty area but Bandović was again confident on the goal. Miloš Stojčev had the next chance for our club. The midfielder of Sarajevo made a superb shot from thirty meters of distance but Lončarić caught the ball underneath the crossbar.

In the following attack, our club’s defence did not perform in the best way, and Tomić went all alone in front of Bandović, but our goalkeeper saved the goal of Sarajevo defending it in a superb manner. In the 81st minute, Jamak had the last chance of the match when he kicked the ball from the right side, but it went beside the goal of Sarajevo.

The next match for our players will take place on Wednesday, when Sarajevo meets Čelik as a guest team in the first match of the finals of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"I wish to thank to Željezničar for their hospitality. Everyone who came today had an opportunity to see a good match. There were many chances on both sides and, regardless of the bad weather conditions, this was a very good match. On Wednesday we are playing the first match of the finals of the Cup. I think my team has enough strength to play two matches in only few days. We will be ready for Čelik", said the coach of the Sarajevo Football Club, Dženan Uščuplić, after the end of today’s match.

Željezničar FC 1:1 Sarajevo FC

Stadium "Grbavica", referee: Edin Jakupović (Bihać). Scorers: 1:0 Hodžić, 1:1 Puzigaća. Yellow cards: Bučan, Selimović, Kerla, Bogdanović (Željezničar), Trivunović, Puzigaća, Tatomirović, Stojčev (Sarajevo).

Željezničar FC: Lončarić, Kerla, Bučan, Zolotić, Hodžić, Stanić, Selimović, Zeljković, Svraka (from 71st minute Bogdanović), Jamak, Tomić.

Sarajevo FC: Bandović, Stojčev, Jajalo, Velkoski (from 92nd minute Kovačević), Tatomirović, Purić (from 74th minute Vusljanin), Trivunović, Cimirot, Dupovac, Puzigaća, Bilbija (from 87th minute Radovac).