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Željezničar FC 2: 1 FK Sarajevo | Maroon club regrets about missed opportunities

19.05.2018 at 20:37h

 Željezničar FC 2: 1 FK Sarajevo | Maroon club regrets about missed opportunities

In the last Premier League game in the current season, Sarajevo was defeated on Grbavica. The match of the 10. round of the BH Telecom Premier League of B&H ended with a 2: 1 result in favor of the host.

In the 2. minute the ball came to Hebibović, who shot through the goal and six minutes after that, the first goal of the match happens. Zakarić throws the ball in, and Zajmović managed to score a goal for Željezničar's leadership. Shortly thereafter, Ahmetović stole a ball, ran alone to Fejzić. However, he was embroiled and a good opportunity for our club failed. In the 32. minute, Željezničar scores the second goal. Zakarić throws in and Ubiparip hits from the wrong position, but the referee set the score. By the end of the first part of Sarajevo managed to score a goal. Velkoski put it in from the corner and Adukor hit it with a great headshot.

The Maroon team had two long-range attempts in the additional time of the first half. The first one was in the first minute of the additional time. Irfan Fejzić stopped Mustafić’s dangerous attempt. Emir Halilović tried to set up a new result shortly after, but he shot over goal.

In the 63. minute of the match Sarajevo had a great chance. After Velkoski's centershot, Rahmanović tried to score with his head, but Fejzić intervened. A minute later, Velkoski was free of Osmanković and shot on the left, but the ball went through the goal and in the 66. minute Hodžić's attempt  go past the goal. Sarajevo had another great chance in the 78. minute. Velkoski added ball to Hebibović who came out on the right to Fejzić who defended the shot, and three minutes the goalkeeper of Željezničar rejected later a dangerous attempt by Halilović. By the end of the day, Sarajevo tried to equalize the result and in the fifth minute of referee compensation Rahmanović tried again but there was no change in the results.

 Željezničar FC 2:1 Sarajevo FC

Stadium "Grbavica", spectators: 4.000, referee: Mulahasanović Adis (Sarajevo), yellow cards: Mustafić (FK Sarajevo), scorers: 1:0 Zajmović (10), 2:0 Ubiparip (32), 2:1 Adukor (37).

Željezničar FC: Fejzić, Žerić (79. Projić), Graovac, Osmanković, Mehremić, Blagojević, Šabanadžović (72. Hajdarević), Zeba (44. Ramović), Zakarić, Zajmović, Ubiparip. Coach: Admir Adžem.

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hebibović, Adukor, Mujakić, Šabanović (46. Hodžić), Stanojević, Mustafić (46. Rahmanović), Kuzmanović, Halilović, Velkoski, Ahmetović. Coach: Husref Musemić.