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Zrinjski CSC 1:3 SARAJEVO FC

16.04.2014 at 21:22h

Zrinjski CSC 1:3 SARAJEVO FC


Sarajevo Football Club will take part in the finals of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina! The maroon lads played a magnificent return match of the semi-finals of the Cup in which our team convincingly defeated Zrinjski in Mostar with the result 3:1.

Our players had the first chance of the match. Bilbija made a great pass to Velkoski who appeared alone in front of Dujković but made a poor attempt. In the 10th minute, the home team threatened for the first time. Simeunović passed the ball well to the right side, found Crnov in the penalty area but the striker of Zrinjski did not manage well here.

Sarajevo took the lead in the 15th minute of the match. Cimirot passed the ball to Stojčev who freed himself from the defensive player of Zrinjski, then from the goalkeeper Dujković and sent the ball into the net of the home team.

In the 32nd minute, Zrinjski had a good chance. Simeunović made a good centre shot from the right side but Bandović well defended the kick of Šćepanović. The last chance in the first half was from our players. Stojčev engaged Bilbija but the striker of Sarajevo was stopped by Dujković.

There were no other great chances during the next ten minutes of the match. Zrinjski showed the initiative in the field but could not seriously threaten the net of Bandović. The attempts of Crnov and Simeunović ended far above the goal of Sarajevo.

Dženan Uščuplić made the first substitution in the 71st minute of the match and Irfan Vusljanin replaced Dario Purić. In the 73rd minute of the match, Basara joined the game instead of Belošević and just after his first contact with the ball he managed to get a corner kick after which the home team had a good chance to level the result. After the hustle in the penalty area, Jajalo kicked out the ball from the line and saved our goal.
Only two minutes after, the Sarajevo Football Club confirmed its passing into the finals of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Stojčev made a superb centre shot, Bilbija performed a headshot, Dujković defended but our player sent the rejected ball back into the net of the home team.
Already in the next attempt, Zrinjski managed to score. After the hustle in the penalty area of Sarajevo, the ball reached Bekić who put the ball into the net of Bandović. Only three minutes later, Bekić shoots after the great cross of Stojanović but Bandović defended in a superb manner.

During the last minutes of the match, Sarajevo performed a fast counter-attack after which Krste Velkoski put the ball in the net of Dujković and set the final result.

„I congratulate to my players for a deserved victory. It is a great thing to make three goals to such a good quality team such as Zrinjski. We positioned ourselves well at the beginning of the match, especially in the mid-field, which allowed us an early lead after one stolen ball. The lead score brought us confidence to continue with the match and we ended it in the right way” said Dženan Uščuplić after the match.
Zrinjski CSC 1:3 SARAJEVO FC

The scorers for Sarajevo were Stojčev (15th minute), Bilbija (81st minute) and Velkoski (93 minute). The only goal for Zrinjski was made by Bekić in the 84th minute of the match.

Zrinjski CSC: Dujković, Graovac, Radeljić, Simeunović (from 79th minute Bekić), Crnov, Šćepanović, Stojkić, Belošević (from 72nd minute Basara), Nikolić, Barišić and Đurić (from 63rd minute Stojanović).

Sarajevo FC: Bandović, Stojčev, Jajalo, Velkoski (from 93rd minute Barić), Tatomirović, Purić (from 71st minute Vusljanin), Trivunović, Cimirot, Dupovac, Puzigaća and Bilbija (from 83rd minute Kovačević).