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First place for SFK 2000 Sarajevo at the „Agram 2016“ Tournament in Zagreb

11.01.2016 at 15:39h

First place for SFK 2000 Sarajevo at the „Agram 2016“ Tournament in Zagreb

Players of SFK 2000 Sarajevo won the first place at the “Agram 2016” Tournament which was held last week in Zagreb. The girls in the maroon jerseys defeated in the final match the team of Pomurje with a result 3:0 and deservedly won the trophy belonging to the first ranked team.

It is worth to mention that SFK 2000 Sarajevo played excellently in the group phase, achieving two convincing victories, and in the quarter finals also won convincingly against Trnava. The final result of the match was 7:1. In addition we would like to add that the semi-finals were very interesting, and that our players defeat Split with a result 1:0.

“On Saturday, 9 January 2016, once again we participated at the international futsal tournament in Zagreb. As every year, the best teams from the neighbouring countries participated at the tournament and for that reason I am very satisfied with the games our team showed. We have played a total of 5 matches and we won each of them with a total goal difference 22:1, which shows SFK 2000 Sarajevo’s dominance in the Region. Since its establishment, SFK 200 Sarajevo functions and achieves results exclusively as a team, so the merits for this result belong to all the players and my coaching staff. Only when the whole teams plays good, than the team game can emphasize individual qualities as well, which is an additional award and recognition” said the coach of SFK 2000 Sarajevo, Samira Hurem.

Alisa Spahić won the best scorer’s title, while Mejrema Medić won the best player of the tournament award. Mejrema is only 16 years old and managed to be the best player in the senior category, showing that our team does not intend to reduce its quality and results in the future.

“This tournament is known as the best futsal tournament in the Region. The champions and the best teams from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Austria and Hungary participate at this tournament and our team participated for the 13th year in a row. Our SFK 2000 Sarajevo is the only team which returned every time from this tournament winning 3rd, 2nd or 1st place and this is the best indicator of the continuous quality of our team. Because the winter break between the half season in the Premier League in BiH lasts for more than 3 months, this tournament is a great bridge which helps us to keep the continuity of our work and trainings, but also of the competitive spirit and atmosphere”, concluded Hurem.

We would like to congratulate our great players for wining yet another trophy. Well done SFK 200 Sarajevo!