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Sarajevo FC plays its home games at the largest stadium in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Olympic Stadium Asim Ferhatovic-Hase. Rightly called the temple of sport, the Stadium has become a sports bastion where the foundations of top sport in Bosnia, and ex-Yugoslavia, were established.

Until a few years ago, the Stadium was known as Kosevo Stadium, and today, it bears the name of one of the best players of Sarajevo FC, and broader, the late Asim Ferhatovic-Hase. He has had a great role in the development of high-quality sport in the period after the Second World War. The Stadium was built on the site of the wider area of Kosevo Valley, where Curcica villa and Pioneer Valley were spreading. In the late forties of the 20th century, youth brigades, not only from Sarajevo, but from the whole country, participated in its construction. The citizens also spent their weekdays building the stadium dedicating great love and enthusiasm. With the completion of the Kosevo Stadium, Sarajevo got a magnificent edifice of sports to host the highest-profile sporting events.

Both Sarajevo FC and Zeljezicar FC have played their official and friendly international matches at the stadium. We will always remember the big matches Sarajevo FC played against Manchester United FC, Real Madrid CF, Hamburg SV, the football national team of the Soviet Union, as well as the matches Zeljeznicar FC played against Derby County FC, Bologna FC, Inter FC, and Santos FC.

These were just some of the many international matches played at the stadium Asim Ferhatovic-Hase. Also, the national football team of former Yugoslavia also played its home games at this stadium.

The Stadium has been refurbished several times due to deterioration, but it reached its grandeur during the opening and hosting of the XIV Winter Olympic Games in February 1984. The Stadium also hosted the Balkan Athletics Championship in 1996 and many other athletic competitions.

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In the post-war period, besides Sarajevo FC, the Stadium also hosted the games of Zeljeznicar FC and the national football team of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Just to mention some of them: the matches Sarajevo FC played against Maritimo CS, Sigma Olomouc SK, Besiktas JK, Rapid SK, Basel FC, Dynamo Kiev FC, Helsingborg IF, Cluj CFR ,Orebro SK, Sparta FC and Levski PFC, and the matches the B&H national football team played against Spain, Denmark, Representation of the World, France, Italy and many others.