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FK Sarajevo fulfilled a dream to a five-year-old boy

06.12.2016 at 20:37h

FK Sarajevo fulfilled a dream to a five-year-old boy

Few days ago, on the address of Sarajevo Football Club come an e-mail from a caring parent, who introduced us to his family, namely with his five-year-old son Vedad.

Vedo is a big fan of FK Sarajevo, and for him, the best football player is Haris Duljević. For Vedad, captain of Maroon Club is one the best player on the world and his biggest dream is photo with Haris Duljević.

Five-year-old boy’s love for his club has encouraged FK Sarajevo to prepare for Vedad an amazing day that hi will never forget… Vedad and his family were guests on the match against Radnik, in which FK Sarajevo won with the result of 2:0. A couple thousands of supporters on stadium had a chance to see Vedad going out on the field, holding hands with his idol, Haris Duljević.

Captain of FK Sarajevo met Vedad, gave him his jersey as a gift, with his signature on it, and told him to play football, and work hard every day, so he can, one day play for Sarajevo Football Club.

Vedad received a gift from FK Sarajevo too, and we are sure that he will never forget that moment. As his parents told us, the next day in kindergarten, he shared with his friends his experience, wearing the jersey that he received from Haris Duljević.