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Sarajevo FC again "played" for the Parents' House

31.07.2018 at 20:38h

Sarajevo FC again "played" for the Parents' House

The Parent's house has many friends and is one of the most human projects in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, both for its purpose and all that means to the families that reside in it. One of the longest friendships is that from Sarajevo FC, to our dear neighbors, who decided through the project "Friendship of the Parents' House" to provide support to children with cancer and their loved ones.

The Parents house for children with cancer and their families is primarily a home, a place where they only feel happiness and joy in a long and difficult process of treatment, a place where they laugh, where they get understanding and support, a place where they do not feel different.

In order to be built at all, it was necessary to support the entire B&, the community, and its survival depended on the will of good people. The management and players of Sarajevo, FC on this behalf, chose to finance an apartment, which is named "Tetris", which will be patron for a year.

In that way, Sarajevo FC, on behalf of which the contract was signed by the director of the club, Sabrina Buljubašić, and the Parent's house, symbolically aggregate the cubes of goodness and solid will, and thus the best combination for the welfare of children with cancer and their as soon as possible victory and faster recovery.

With their visit to the Parents' House they brought a handful of positive energies and splashed with a wave of joy. Convinced that only if we draw well out of ourselves, and do well we can progress as a society. It helps children with cancer and that is more than doing good. When you are part of saving one's life at least, you have preserved the whole world, invested in the future and improved this world for one man.

"When we know that we have accommodation, it is easier for us. There is much relief when you know that you can focus only on your child and treatment, without thinking about the financial side of the problem. Such a disease carries great problems with itself, besides the great fear for the life of your child. We are very grateful to Sarajevo FC for coming, and last time and now, that they showed us that we were not forgotten and left to ourselves. I really believe that good comes back, so that all this good that they do for us will be returned to them. I thank them from all my heart for every smile on my child's face," said one of the parents from the Parents' House, who was visited by heroes of the maroon army of the fans from Reggio Emilia, Haris Handzic and Aladin Šišić, which was especially delighted.

People from the Association and the Parents’ House are genuinely grateful to the Sarajevo FC for everything they did and what they still do for our children and their loved ones, and they wish them much happiness in the revenge against Atalanta on Koševo.  They are invited to be our guests at the stadium and the support will not be missed. Good luck to Sarajevo FC and thank you for the joy you bring to children, but to all of us.