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Sarajevo hosted boys from Syria, Kallasi welcomed his countrymen

26.02.2016 at 14:57h

Sarajevo hosted boys from Syria, Kallasi welcomed his countrymen

FK Sarajevo hosted special guests today in the Club’s premises. Namely, two young Syrians who came to the capital of BiH from Syria with their father from war-affected Syria, visited FK Sarajevo and were welcomed there by the national team player of their country and the first team player of Sarajevo, Ahmad Kallasi.

On behalf of the Club, our first team player gave to Raid and Riad full training equipment, Club’s membership cards and a few more presents from the BORDO FAN SHOP offer. They were also offered to join the “Asim Ferhatović-Hase” School of Football and, together with their father, they are going to be the guests of FK Sarajevo in the first home match in 2016 which our Club is going to play against Čelik from Zenica. It is worth to mention that the BiH Company “HAAD get a game” donated the mentioned equipment to these boys. This company which showed its social responsibility with this is designing clothes for Sarajevo first team players for several years now.

“I am happy to see my young countrymen and because FK Sarajevo once more showed its social responsibility and welcomed them in the Club’s premises with appropriate gifts. I hope that they will come to our matches, we will be happy to see them there. It personally means a lot to me that the Club has shown that it cares for everyone”, said Kallasi, and added:

“The war in my country which lasts for many years is something terrible. Many people lost their lives, many have been displaced and were forced to leave their homes; I am happy because these two boys, along with their families, find their place in the beautiful city of Sarajevo”.

Sixteen year old Raid and his three years younger brother Riad are big football lovers and their favourite club is Barcelona from Spain. After their father told them that they are going to visit FK Sarajevo, they watched many videos about our Club at social networks and learned the first supporter’s songs of FK Sarajevo.

During our talk, which was cheerful and full of smiles, they expressed their gratitude and said that they are going to be frequent guests at the “Asim Ferhatović-Hase” Olympic Stadium. They also wished a lot of success to Ahmad Kallasi and his colleagues from the Maroon Club in the upcoming league matches.