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New wins of FK Sarajevo Academy U-17 and U-19 teams

23.05.2016 at 10:26h

New wins of FK Sarajevo Academy U-17 and U-19 teams

FK Sarajevo Academy teams had a successful weekend, the U-17 and U-19 teams played as guest teams against their peers from Mladost in Doboj nearby Kakanj and achieved new league wins.

The U-19 team won with the result 3:1, and continued to compete against Zrinjski for the first place on the league table, considering the fact that after this Matchday, the team from Mostar have 67 points and our U-19 team is the second ranked with 66 points. Our team started the match better and played actively. Semir Smajlagić scored the first goal and Demirel Veladžić the second one. Although he is still a U-17 player, in this season Veladžić scored the goals in the categories of U-17, U-19 teams and the first team. The home team scored in the 58th minute when Smajić scored for the result 2:1, and Hamza Čataković set the final result with his 21st goal of the season.

U-17: FK Mladost 1:3 FK Sarajevo

FK SarajevoKovačević, Mićunović (from the 61st minute Rastoder), Zeljković (from the 19th minute Blagojević), Smajlagić (from the 61st minute Gljiva), Mujakić, Salčinović, Čataković, Kadušić, Veladžić (from the 55th minute Avdić), Škrijelj, Agić (from the 63rd minute Herić).

As the U-19 team, our U-17 team also won. They returned from Doboj nearby Kakanj with the result 5:0, Hadžić, Tutundžić and Kurdić scored for the new win of the champions of B&H. Nedim Hadžić scored three times during the match and reached the number of incredible 40 league goals and let’s also mention that another Club’s Academy player, Sanin Klarić, is the second on the list of scorers with 21 goals. With 106 scored goals and only 9 conceded, the U-17 team of Sarajevo showed that they have great potential to achieve a quality results in older age categories.

U-17: FK Mladost 0:5 FK Sarajevo

FK SarajevoJovičić, Ragipović (from the 50th minute Šabanović), Hadžić (from the 56th minute Imamović), Resić, Mehuljić (from the 61st minute Salčin), Pozder, Kurdić, Tutundžić (from the 61st minute Sadiku), Buljubašić, Mustafić, Klarić (from the 72nd minute Junuzović).

In the next Matchday, our teams will play against their peers from Sloboda from Tuzla.